2013 Android Forecast

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For technology enthusiasts, there are few things more exciting to behold than the development of everything Android. From tablets and smartphones to TV dongles and televisions, Androids have taken over the tech world with dominance that looks set to blossom even further. In fact, already this year we’ve been given news of Android iPhones in Brazil (branded by Grandiente SA, much to the lament of Apple). In 2013, you can expect all things to get even more interesting.

Google Messenger

Social networking has a strong and successful history with platforms containing the word ‘Messenger’. However, unless you believe the clearly exaggerated Google+ user amount estimations, the relationship between social networking and Google hasn’t quite been successful.

This makes the impending introduction of Google Messenger all the more intriguing and absorbing.

The social networking platform will merge Talk, G+ Messenger, Voice and Hangouts. Google currently holds a plethora of texting apps from Messaging, Google Talk and Google Voice to G+ Hangouts and the individuality of this has been deemed a confusing and unnecessary waste of resources by a number of Google senior executives.

The task of merging Google’s various IM clients will go to Meebo, following the interesting acquisition by Google of the cross platform instant messaging gurus in 2012.

Google Messenger will have an Android app which will of course replace Talk, Voice and G+ Messenger.

Furthermore, Google+ will be a requirement, needed for identity and friend lists. This is a canny move considering Google+ hasn’t quite taken off as the American corporation would have hoped. By making Google+ a requirement, the social media platform can expect to see a significantly greater girth in growth this year than in 2012. That’s if it all comes together of course and time will tell.

Google Games

It seems 2013 will be the year Google undertake a thorough process of minimalisation and merge other aspects of their empire too. Chrome, Android and Google+ Games will be brought together by Google to form Google Games.

While Google currently offers Android games in the Play Store, Google+ games in the Google+ game section and Chrome games in the Chrome Web Store, Google Games will soon bring them all together.

What’s more is that we’ll soon be able to play the games on Google Games across all Google platforms.

Like Google Messenger it will go under the Google+ banner, which serves to further the intrigue behind the social media platform’s progress throughout 2013.

Project Glass Explorer Addition

For something so massive, we know very little about Project Glass. What we do know is that Project Glass is Google’s experimental head mounted display computing platform.

The wearable augmented reality display is still in the flux, but is expected to be amongst the biggest tech innovation of 2013.

Project Glass will enable pictorial communications, allowing wearers to connect with others through images and video. The device will see the world through your eyes and allow you to share that view with other people. It will also allow people to access information at super-speed, answering questions immediately.

While it won’t actually initially be augmented reality, it is hoped by Google that augmented reality will eventually come into the picture.



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