5 Cool Android Apps for 2013

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Apps are still red hot, and these are amongst the most desirable at the beginning of 2013. There’ s apps for word geeks, apps for sports fanatics and apps for gamers. Which will you download?

Scrabble Dictionary

This app has 100,000 words from the Merriam-Webster dictionary, and installing it on your phone will definitely give you the edge in any scrabble competitions that you’re currently playing. You can even cheat a little and use the word finder feature to find words that are playable from the tiles that you have.


Fans of US basketball star Shaquille O’Neal will get a kick out of this game. The objective is to guide Shaq through a threatening set of scenarios where he is beset by zombies who are dead set on biting, killing, maiming and infecting. Your weapon of choice? Flaming basketballs of course. What else?


This app treats fitness as a game – as you gain points from workouts you can move up levels and even share you successes to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Your main objective is to slay the laziness dragon. I know that’s one metaphor we can all relate to.

Faber Voices

Poetry fans will be elated to hear that Faber are releasing a series of texts and readings by heavy hitters such as Ted Hughes and Philip Larkin (original line breaks intact, don’t worry). This listen-as-you-read format has already had very favourable reviews.

The two main days of Christmas count as the busiest time of the year for app sales, as people power up their new gadgets and set about kitting them out with every app they need. However, it’s interesting to note that perhaps new apps are so numerous because the advertising revenue gained from each is only momentary until the users move onto new pastures.  Where do you stand on the post-pc argument: will a tablet and fancy laptops make you sell your laptop for cash in order to fund your app habit?


Laurie Mundie is a tech writer from Glasgow,who likes to sell ipad accessories and write about the latest ipad gadgets 

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