5 iPad Apps Every Student Should Download

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The evolution of Smartphones, Tablets, iPads, Apple’s app store and Google’s Play Store has changed the way we learn.  For the kinaesthetic learners out there who don’t get the best out of reading books and web pages, apps provide a much more interactive foundation for students to learn. The tablet market has provided a new route to education with innovative and cool ways to learn.

Here are 5 iPad apps that every student should have.


Evernote is a hugely popular app for organisation. The app is free to download and gives you free storage so you can create notebooks filled with everything you want to remember. So what’s so great about it? Forget paper and the dreaded duties of filing because with Evernote you can keep all of your data digitally in one place. Not only that, it’s great for collecting and organising information so it is definitely recommended for students everywhere.

Learn French

A great app for any student trying to master the language.  It’s free to download from the app store, with other languages also supported, such as Learn Spanish. The app comes with flash cards to help you learn spelling as well as audio for pronunciation of the words.  The app enables you to choose from a list of categories and you can take a quiz once you feel you have learnt enough. Highly recommended for first time language learners who want to regularly practice.

Driving Theory Test

A highly rated app available for free in the app store, with the option of upgrading to the full app. You can revise multiple topics at one time, take mock tests and even decide if you want questions to be repeated. If you’re a student learning to drive then this app is definitely recommended.


A useful app for taking notes in meetings, lectures, classes or seminars. You can type notes and import PDF image files and then organise them by subject name. This is a great app for keeping all of your lecture notes in one place and it means you won’t need to carry around heavy folders or books. You can then print your notes or export them as HTML and also make to do lists keeping track of your assignments and deadlines. The only slight downfall about this app is that it costs £2.99 to download, but it’s worth it if you’re not the most organised student.


A fantastic app if you are one for making lists, and if you’re not, then it might just be time to start. With over 4 million downloads, Wunderlist has been recognised as app of the week in over 100 countries. It doesn’t do much more than formulate lists but it does keep you very organised and on top of things. With this app you can be sure you won’t miss a deadline, and you can keep on top of all your brilliant ideas – also, it’s free to download!




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