A Few Flaws With the Xbox One

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Microsoft’s upcoming new console, the Xbox One, has justifiably had millions upon millions of tech geeks and gamers worldwide eagerly anticipating its release. With several fantastic and innovative features never seen before in a games console,  there is much to be excited about the Xbox One. However, there are also a few things that many consumers may be disappointed with.

Kinect Spy

Every console will ship with a Kinect sensor and unlike the Xbox 360, it’s likely the device will have to be plugged in to function. This doesn’t mean that all Xbox One games will have to have a Kinect component, but developers will now know that everyone has access to Kinect functionality.

The machine can now register your mood from your face, measure your heart rate from blood flow and tell which player has which controller.

This is all well and good, but the disturbing news is that it is always on and always watching – and can even see in the dark using infra-red.

500GB Hard drive

The Xbox One hard drive is a mere 500GB, which considering the amount of must-install-to-use next gen games might not be enough for gamers.

Furthermore, the small print illustrates that the Xbox One’s operating system will also use up some of your hard drive space, which makes the amount available even smaller.


Money obviously means a lot to many people and so the Xbox One’s price – £429 with 500GB – is £80 more expensive than the 500GB PS4.

Whether or not the Xbox One is £80 better than the PS4 – or even better at all – is a debate that probably won’t ever get settled.

It Isn’t A Great Tool For Small Businesses

This isn’t quite a flaw, but rather more a disclaimer. The Xbox One has been unjustifiably pitched as a fantastic tool for small businesses, ignoring the fact that small businesses do not need anything the Xbox One offers.

A recent post on the Microsoft blog mentioned how applications like SkyDrive, Skype, Internet Explorer, Wi-Fi Direct and “future applications” will be of great use to small businesses. However, small businesses can already use these programs on a PC and so they do not need an Xbox One console to use them.

It seems with all the recent bad publicity, Microsoft are clutching at straws to try and revive its floundering next gen console.

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