Advantageous or just outrageous? A little look into some of the most recent inventions and ideas

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Inventors, product designers, entrepreneurs… While we are probably all in agreement that they are incredibly smart, and usually come up with genius ideas, sometimes it seems like they may create problems to fix that don’t really exist in the first place. Here, we explore the newest ideas that are coming to market and what we think of them. All of these inventions seem to have been created to enable people to be as lazy as they could possibly desire…

Facebook as the new PayPal

Paypal currently offers the safest and most secure method of online payment available, and it is safe to say that most people would agree that they feel comfortable using it. So how would you feel about trusting Facebook as a new way to make payments? To us, this immediately rings warning bells.  It looks like the worlds’ biggest social networking site is now making it possible for users to make mobile payments, simply by connecting via Facebook. No. Password. Needed.

Google Glass


Google Glass is an attempt to free data from desktops, laptops and other portable devices, and instead, place it right in front of your eyes. It is a camera, touchpad, video, battery and microphone, and the possibilities of this device are seemingly endless. They include replying to emails, being part of a live video conference, translating from language to another (with, of course, the translation replicating your voice), sending messages, the list goes on.  It is 100% an incredible invention, and completely changes the way people will view the world, but will it catch on? Will Google Glass, at some point, be so popular that it is pretty much an engrained part of the human body? Only time will tell…


An invention to cater for our generation, AKA the laziest generation that has ever existed. We love technology, and on top of this we love doing as little as possible. A simple invention, which allows TV watchers to fulfil their couch potato dreams – the ability to lie horizontally while watching TV. The glasses have a mirror inserted at a 45 degree angle, allowing viewers to lie flat and watch TV without straining their neck. Consumers and critics alike are throwing words like “preposterous” and “insane” around, and we can’t help but think they aren’t far off…

Omni- commerce

This a time-poor consumers dream, and resolving the problem of having to chose between traipsing around the shops, and risking an item not fitting by ordering online. The new buzzword that is flying around everywhere is “Omni-commerce”. New technology which has been adopted by a number of retailers is transforming retail. The technology, which has a camera installed, can recognise a colour exactly, and then identify matching and complimenting colours. It then, naturally, picks out items in those colours which they shop has in stock. This provides the speed and ease of online shopping, while ridding the potential of an item arriving and it being a disappointment. The products can be tried on in store, or the customer can simply select what items they want and get them delivered.

So, what do you think of some of the newest inventions to be brought to the table? Genius, useful or just plain mad? Let us know in the comment box below..


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