Digital TV Box vs Android TV Box

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Enabling the viewing of a plethora of different channels on your television, TV boxes are a delightful little piece of technology. Digital TV boxes have been around for years and can receive a range of television and radio channels. However, a rather new innovation is the android TV box, and holding similar capabilities, the differences between this and a digital TV box aren’t quite clear cut. Here however, are the differences between android TV boxes and digital TV boxes, and a comparison between the two.

Digital TV Boxes

Digital TV boxes provide digital programming via TV sets – including those that are analog models. They provide a range of programs with most boxes in the United Kingdom usually offering some 50 channels and around half that amount in radio stations.

On analog TVs, this is done by receiving a digital television transmission, converting the digital signal into an analog signal and transmitting that to the analog TV set.

Freeview is the most well known and common digital TV box sold in the United Kingdom, and allows a variety of perks. Freeview HD allows users to view high-definition television channels through the digital TV box, offering up to five times more detail than the standard picture sharpness and quality.

Such an improvement in picture clarity isn’t the only thing available via Freeview, with their Freeview+ set up allowing users to record television programmes on the digital TV box, meaning viewers need not ever miss a minute of television. The largest hard disk size Freeview have on offer is at 500GB, enabling a recording time of up to 250 hours.

The main perk offered through Freeview is that it is subscription free, and therefore consumers need only buy the box to use it continuously.

Through offering the ability to view digital programmes on analog televisions it is no wonder why many people opt to acquire digital TV boxes.

Android TV Boxes

An android TV box on the other hand is somewhat different. These use an android operating system and serve a variety of purposes.

Android TV boxes can act as a TV tuner, digital media player, games console, and internet set-up box amongst other functions.

The ability to browse the internet via Android TV boxes is perhaps the greatest perk they have to offer, with the worldwide web being such a prominent part of our everyday lives. It is thus now possible for one to roam social media pages on their TV sets, through an android TV box.

Through utilizing an android operating system, these canny tech devices can handle 1080p HD video and most other video formats; while the amount of channels on offer via most android TV boxes are far greater than those on most digital TV boxes.

An Upgraded Version of the DTV

Thus in many ways android TV boxes are the successors of digital TV boxes. From allowing users to play high definition video games via one’s televisions, through browsing the internet and offering more channels than digital TV boxes, it is no wonder why android TV boxes are quickly becoming so popular.

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