Google TV: the Ultimate College Football Tool

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There’s something about college football. The raw talent on show, mixed with the enthusiasm and fearlessness of youth delivers great spectacles. In no other country or game other than the United States and football does youth sport create such an atmosphere and massive following. It’s then somewhat about absolutely fundamental that we turn our Google TVs into the ultimate college football companions, and here is a brief guide on how we can do so.

Are You Watching This?!

Your first step is to install the good old Google Play app ‘Are You Watching This?!’. You’ll then be able to select your favourite college football teams and subsequently receive game time notifications to your precious Google TV.

All of your favourite teams will also be organised into a fantastic comprehensive month-to-month calendar so you can see when your team is playing and where.

The app also has its own rating system (GOOD, HOT and EPIC) which will inform you on what games are worthy of tuning into.
This real time game alerts app is a heavensend!

XOS College Sports

The XOS College Sports app for Google TV allows you to view the most recent and popular top college football content. You can thus view full games past and present and even search according to team and year.

The NFL Draft Preview tells you where the experts believe your favourite players will play their professional football.
Pac-12 Conference Channel

This YouTube channel has interviews with the cream of the college football crop, as well as personal web chats for you to join in on the talk.

ESPN College GameDay

With a plethora of content from game day interviews to fan predictions and even team traditions (LSU Coach Les Miles likes to eat grass!) the ESPN College GameDay YouTube channel is an absolute dream.

The Bleacher Report

The Bleacher Report is really a jewel for fans for any sport, with it comprehensively covering a range of different sports. With college football it provides a comprehensive look at the all latest talk.

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