How to Protect Yourself from Online Hackers – A Few Tips

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Hacking can affect many different people whether it is through invading social networking accounts or stealing bank account information. With cyber-crime on the rise, what can you do to make sure your personal details are safe when you go online?


You might have been preached to about passwords a hundred times already but it is in fact very important that you consider how you use them. It’s a common mistake but using the same passwords for different online accounts lowers your internet security. Using different passwords for different sites will make it harder for hackers to access your information in other areas. A good tip for remembering your various different passwords is to keep them in a password protected excel spread sheet on your computer.

Security Questions

Using the same security questions for different sites is also best avoided. Fraudsters will be able to hack your other accounts unless you make it more difficult for them with new security questions. This is because security questions tend to be very similar across various different sites, making your answers more predictable to potential hackers.

Terms and Conditions

Reading through the fine print when making a payment or subscribing to something on a website might seem like a drag but it will help keep you more protected in the long run. It is essential that you read through the policies before agreeing to anything on a site to ensure you are not signing away your rights to privacy. Your personal data could end up being shared with hundreds of sites without you even knowing so make sure you read through terms and conditions carefully.

Social Networking

Social Media sites such as Facebook are designed to let people know what you’re up to but there are certain things that are probably best kept private. As previously mentioned selecting a password is an extremely important process. However when it comes to the information you share you could in fact be giving away your password to strangers that visit your site. For instance if your password is your street name, it might be a good idea to keep this information hidden on your profile.


If your computer invites you to download a program, make sure you know exactly what it is first. Dodgy programs like ‘free computer virus scan’ will not usually look legit so just give it a good look before you agree to download it. Hackers will put key loggers into these fake programs to store everything you type including your email address and password, so be careful.

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