How to Stream Movies from PC to PS3

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Thanks to the amazing advances in streaming, it is now possible to stream your video files over to your PS3. To make this happen, a standard called the DLNA was formed by a group of companies to help different media devices communicate with each other. Now using this technology means that we can watch movies from different devices with no problems at all.

Follow this handy guide to have your movies up and running on your PS3 in no time:-

Install the Media Server

You will need to get the latest version of PS3MediaSever and extract it to your local hard drive. You will also need to have the correct video encoder/decoder in order to run PS3MediaServer. If you have the latest JRE on your computer you can then run PS3MediaServer from your start menu. For convenience, it is a good idea to configure the media server to transcode your media files. Users of Windows must go to the control panel and open the ‘Network and Sharing Area’ menu in order to check you have turned on your network discovery.

Run the Media Server

Turn on your PS3 before starting to run the media server. Once the PS3Media Sever has scanned your local network, an exciting message that looks like this will appear – ‘PS3 has been found!’ When you see this, you will know that your movies can now be streamed from your PS3.

Once the media server general configuration has been changed, you will find that your PS3 will find your computer easily. You can do this by opening the General Configuration tab and selecting the correct network interface.

Stream the Media

Go to your PS3 and look for your computer’s name listed under the Photos, Music or Video tabs. For movies you will need to search in the correct directory, just as you would on your PC. Then simply select your file and play it. Easy!

If you’re unlucky enough to encounter any problems with playing your movies, you can try playing the media files that have been converted by the media server into a PS3- compatible media format. You can also copy any of your media files onto your PS3 hard drive. Do this by hitting the triangle button on your PS3 when viewing your file and select ‘copy’.

Now all you need to do is a grab a drink of your choice, some popcorn and a few friends, and you will be enjoying your well-earned movies straight away!

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  • cinncerre / October 10, 2013

    so I have the latest PS3 media server it was working fine until i updated my PS3 now my PS3 isn’t recognizing the media server. What do I do now?


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