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Enhance your smart TV with a fantastic Android product, whether its a TV dongle or specialist Android box, the easiest way to turn your TV into a handy TV at an incredibly cheap cost. We have now start stocking bluetooth TV dongles ( which can connect your dongle to any compatible bluetooth mini keyboard and mouse.

Visopix products are now all shipped from the UK and if you are in a rush we can ship next day delivery.

Ebay / Amazon Resellers – Bulk Discounts: We now offer bulk discounts for order of 40 or more. Visopix is also looking for resellers in various countries, please go to our wholesale page for android devices to find out more.

  • 照片1027
    4GB MP-03 Dual Core Android TV

    Top of the Class – Fastest processor and perfect for travelling, the MP-03 HDMI Android TV Dongle streams HD video without issue, and can turn any monitor or TV into a a full smart TV. Ideal for XBMC and Netflix amongst many other applications.

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  • xbmc player
    4GB Dual Core HD Android Dongle with Netflix pre-installed

    With XBMC pre-installed, this high-spec, high-memory dongle is the perfect tool for those wishing to enjoy the much-loved media player across a number of devices.

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  • Android TV Box
    Android 4.0 TV Box with Free Google Apps

    Most Reliable – This Google Android 4.0 TV Box integrates TV, internet and Android apps to give you the best home entertainment system, all in a compact and easy to set up package.

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