Samsung Galaxy S4 Review

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The Samsung Galaxy S4 has easily been the most anticipated Android Smartphone launch this year. Its primary rival remains the iPhone but the S4 has also faced fierce competition from the HTC one and Nokie Lumia run by windows. It is clear that the iPhone 5 does not even come close in comparison when it comes to technical ability but are iPhone users willing to leave the Apple eco-system?

It has to be said, the S4 has few drawbacks and many positive attributes that make it a great all-rounder. Whilst the S4 is the hottest phone on the high street at the moment, it really stands out for tech lovers. Top features of the S4 include:

- An amazing 13-megapixel camera that takes action shots, and enables you to remove unwanted background figures from photographs. The phone also lets you take dual screen shots from the front and back cameras. You can edit the photos and add sound effects with the sound and shot tool. You can produce some really great images from the S4 if you experiment enough with it and use the Story Album widget to display them on your home screen.

- A full 5-inch HD screen that makes viewing films and television programmes extremely enjoyable. It also makes viewing apps a hi-tech experience. The Samsung Hub gives you access to music, films and books, not to mention the extensive range of apps available from the Play Store.

- Samsung really exceeds all other Smartphones with its air gesture ability. When you’re browsing the internet the phone detects your eyes so you can scroll up and down by simply moving your head slightly. The phone also uses its sensor to detect your hand when you are not using your phone and when your hand hovers over it you can see your notifications. You can also swipe through apps and music by moving your hand left and right over the sensor.

The great thing about the Samsung Galaxy S4 is that you can modify the phone to meet your needs, you can adapt all the settings like a PC which you can’t do on an iPhone unless you Jailbreak it. The number of apps available on the S4 can be rather overwhelming and many will go overlooked by non-technical users. The phone itself is rather large and something you may take a while to get used to, it most definitely needs two hands to use in its full effect but this is easily overcome. Other potential flaws include it’s plastic cover on the back which gives it a cheaper feel in comparison to other Smartphones on the market although on practicality terms it’s great!

Overall the phone definitely exceeds many of it’s competitors attributes and it will be interesting to see what Apple will bring to the table to meet its match.

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