Samsung “smart watch” soon to be released

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It is set to be unveiled in Berlin on Wednesday, and Samsungs Galaxy Gear smart watch has already cause quite the stir. Beating Apple’s iWatch, which is set to go on sale early in 2014, Samsung are the first to deliver such a product. The only products coming close are the Pebble and Androidly.

Initially, launching before the product ahead of Apple appears beneficial, and sits Samsung quite high in terms of innovation and creativity, however critics are sceptical. As Apple have been one step ahead with all other products, could it be that Apple are the company that make the product desirable? It may well be that the product will become mainstream once Apple have launched their version of the product.

Other’s are labelling the Galaxy Gear as a clear attempt to compete with Google glass, however,  apparently a clear downgrade of the Google product.

However, us customers are split down the middle when it comes to opinions on Apple. Some of us love them, and are loyal customers’; some hate them, and will do anything not to shop with them.

So what actually is the Galaxy Gear smart watch?

A “wearable digital electronic device in the form of a wrist watch, wrist band or bangle capable of providing access to the internet, and for sending and receiving phone calls”, according to the filing.

It will also be used for:

-          Storage and transmission of data;

-          Keeping track of personal information from smart phones, tablets, and laptops

-          3 inch touch screen

-          4MP camera

-          Pre-loaded apps to track fitness and health

-          Connection to social networks

-          Call logs synced to android phone

The concept of a smart watch does of course raise other issues. Suddenly we are WEARING our technology gadgets. For the fashion/ style conscious among consumers, who is going to want to trade their Michael Kors watches for a chunky wrist band? Possibly, not too many.

While everything so far has seemed reasonably negative, it is possible that Samsung will win some customers brownie points by catering for the very current health and fitness conscious consumer. They have spent a lot of time working with a start-up fitness company, Palo Alto, Calif, developing a number of fitness apps that will be pre-installed into the watch. This is very good play from Samsung, who have obviously done their market research. One downfall is that the device is not set to hold music – so for now people will have to continue strapping their iPod/MP3 to their arm.

To weigh this up, it seems a possibility that consumers will hold out to see what Apple come up with – more attractive, music storage, more useable are a few considerations. The Galaxy Gear is by no means perfect, and there is every chance Apple will correct those imperfections in the new year.

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