The Android Apps of the Year

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With 2012 drawing to a close, it’s time to conclude on what has been another fantastic year for apps. Android apps in particular have continued to dominate and here are the best of the bunch to have been introduced in 2012.

Google Chrome

Google’s Chrome web browser has enjoyed a year of immense growth on Androids with its raw speed and minimalist image. In addition to the consistent array of weekly updates, Chrome is doing a lot of things right that other browsers aren’t.

This year, it is Google Chrome’s sync capabilities that have earned the app its place on our best of 2012. Chrome can now sync information from a Google user’s desktop Chrome use, with his or her phone. Therefore, one’s Chrome mobile experience is very similar to their desktop one.

Furthermore, Chrome mobile users can enjoy the joys of tabbed browsing, which is also synced with one’s desktop Chrome, so that tabs open on the desktop can be seen and sent to the mobile version.

The layout of Chrome’s tabbed browsing on Androids is also very convenient, and resembling a stack of cards, makes finding what you’re after much easier, and losing the page you’re on through clicking links, much harder.

Developing an easy to navigate web browser for Android devices is no easy task, especially when these include Android mobiles. However, Google Chrome succeeds in doing just that and thus warrants being honoured amongst the best Android apps of the year.

Sky Go

Being able to watch programs and channels on the go through platforms such as Sky Go, BBC iPlayer and soon-to-be-introduced Virgin Tivo, is a blessing. What makes Sky Go stand out as the kingpin amongst the bunch, is its depth of content, availability and high quality of application.

Allowing users to take their TV with them, such apps are fast establishing themselves on mainstream Android phones with Sky Go already being well established).


In this day and age of wireless transactions, Pingit is a heaven send. Allowing anyone with a mobile phone number and UK current account to send and receive cash, without the hassle and bother of sharing bank details, Pingit has been exactly what the world has needed.

Featuring industry standard encryption, the security of having the option to wipe the app off the phone in the advent of a user losing their device and the requirement of a five-digit PIN code developed with the help of mobile banking security experts, transactions via the app are certainly secure.

Through allowing users to send money from one bank account to another the app is – as the developers themselves claim – revolutionary.


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