The Best Dongles for XMBC Player – XBMC on Android

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At Visopix, we love open source technology, and one of our own favourites in house is the fantastic – and award-winning – XBMC player. XBMC is the perfect media player app for your home theatre: it can play virtually every popular video or audio format, it can sort and organise all your libraries like iTunes, and it can even play CDs and DVDs from your disk or image file. You can even skin the player however you might wish. It’s a veritable genius of a piece of software.

We’ve been asked by a few people what the best dongle is if you want to run XBMC. As XBMC ideally requires more than 4GB of memory, we’ve got two that fit the bill – it could potentially work on slightly older models, but it is unlikely given the speed of those devices.

We’ve got two Android dongles on which XBMC player will run smoothly and effectively:

1/ MK802 III Android 4.1 Mini PC

The MK802 has plenty of help and support from the Rikomagic forum and tutorials are widely available that will help you improve the performance of the device.

2/ Dual Core HDMI Android TV Dongle 8GB

The Dual Core Rock Chip Processor might be strong for those looking to stream movies and other videio, as it generally outputs warmer images that could be ideal for movies.

The XBMC guys have also uploaded a little ‘teaser’ video for you to have a look at an Android box running the software:

Why not give it a go?

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