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It’s a fact of life now that both apps and Androids are taking over the world. With television having reigned dominant for quite some time now too, it was always inevitable that the three would come together. Android apps on television screens are the new craze amongst tech geeks and rightly so. They combine the convenience, usefulness and addictiveness of apps with the largeness and comfort of a TV screen. Some apps are just tailored made for televisions and here are the top 10 Android apps for TVs.

Angry Birds Space Premium

Let’s be honest with ourselves: a review on apps without first mentioning a video game is simply insufficient. Furthermore, if we’re to begin with a video game, there are few better titles to begin with than Angry Birds Space Premium.
The most addictive of games and apps, angry birds puts you up against greedy egg thieving green pigs. As an angry bird you must destroy buildings and retrieve these precious eggs. Need I say more?

Draw Something OMGPOP

Ever since humanity first used the creative powers of expression to draw something, each of us has long hoped to be artists. This is reflected in the vast number of apps tailored for drawing and painting.
However, none quite do it like OMGPOP’s Draw Something, which adds an element of Pictionary into the fray. Users can draw and wait for their friends to figure out what exactly they’re drawing.

Where’s My Water

It’s rare to find an app or even a video game that’s as appealing to 4 year olds as it is to 44 year olds. However, Where’s My Water is just that type of app. Voted app game of the year by a plethora of online titles from Pocket Gamer to, Where’s My Water looks even better on television screens.

My Pregnancy Today

Now this one clearly won’t be for all of you and probably not even for most. But for those soon about to give birth, My Pregnancy Today is the best app ever.
Developed by Baby Centre, the app will deliver information to you such as how far along you are in your pregnancy, images of your unborn child and details regarding your baby’s development. The great thing about My Pregnancy Today is that, unlike other pregnancy apps, it really helps you understand the process your soon-to-be born baby’s undergoing.


Most of us like to think we’re Mozarts and capable of musical genius, had we’d only been blessed with the knowledge on how to play instruments. Soundbox puts our ego to the test by giving us the chance to synthesize our own tracks and unleash our supposed inner talents.
With three unique instruments and pitch control (without steps), plus six high quality drums, Soundbox will have you glued to your TV screen striving for a number one hit.

Documents to Go

Of course, not all apps are intended for fun and games and business convenience is also immensely important to many people throughout the United Kingdom.
For the businessman and woman, Documents to Go is essential. This great little reader for Word and Excel files allows you to edit a variety of files, including those in PowerPoint format. As you can probably imagine, word documents read no better than on a widescreen television.

Quick Office

It would’ve simply been unjust to mention Documents to Go without also pointing towards Quick Office. Another great word editing app, Quick Office, like the aforementioned allows you to create, edit, access and share Microsoft Office files.
While Documents to Go probably tops Quick Office, both are great apps and worth getting.

Droid Analytics

Google doesn’t have an official app for Google Analytics, and so for those SEOs and digital marketers out there, Droid Analytics is the best Android based alternative.
Including all of the important features available on Google Analytics, Droid Analytics also has a very impressive speed rate for data compilation.

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle had to be mentioned in this list for the simple reason of how incredible an experience it is reading books on your television screens.
Amazon Kindle is the most grandest and convenient Android book reader app with access to over 950,000 books. It’s also the most easy and efficient to use.


Photoshop is renowned as the best photo editor in the world and the prospect of being able to use it on one’s television screen is mouth-watering.
Its simplicity is what makes it so universally popular and an absolute dream app for a widescreen TV.

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