The Worst Apps Ever

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Computer technology has expectedly progressed leaps and bounds in recent years, with apps being at the forefront of this progression. Whether it’s via your smartphone, tablet or Android TV, apps help our day to day lives and provide us with considerable amounts of entertainment and convenience. For these reasons, along with their popularity, they are undoubtedly amongst the most significant tech inventions of the past decade. However, not all apps are useful, entertaining or innovative. Some are ridiculously poor. Here are the apps that aren’t so good.

Cry Translator

Sometimes apps are awful because they don’t work, while other times they’re simply terrible due to their overall concept. Apps such as Cry Translator go down as the first bad app on our list because it is not only a bad concept but an impractical one.



Designed to diagnose your baby’s needs based on it analysing their cry, the concept itself is an advertisement for bad parenting. The art of being a good parent is through growing into knowing what your baby needs naturally, rather than passing on the buck to your telephone to work out.


Taxi Hold’em



If Cry Translator was a shockingly bad app, then Taxi Hold’em has taken the bar down to a new low. The purpose of the app is to help you hail down a taxi. Rather than just sticking a hand out (which let’s be fair, only works 70 percent of the time). The app displays a black screen on your phone with the word “Taxi” written in yellow on it. You can therefore wave your small smartphone with “Taxi” on its screen at cabs and attract drivers 70 percent of the time.


I Am Rich


What good can be said about an app that was released on the 5th August 2008 and removed from the Apple iTunes App store the very next day? I Am Rich is a $999.99 app that simply displays the very words “I Am Rich” as a self-glorifying screensaver.

I suppose the initial “genius” idea was for the app to be so exclusive due to its price that boastful rich people would feel proud to have it on their phones. The fact that only eight people bought the app – most probably eight of the most conceited people on Earth – shows that the concept wasn’t quite so clever after all.


Calm Candle

It’s a video of a candle burning, which is supposed to be soothing and mentally healing. In reality however, it’s just a video of a candle burning.

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