UK DTV Converter Box – The Ultimate Guide

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An incredibly handy piece of tech, a digital converter box (otherwise known as a DTV converter box) is a piece of equipment that enables digital television signals to be received through analog television sets. Here is all you need to know on DTV converter boxes, from how it works to how to work it.

How Exactly Do They Work?

DTV Converter boxes work through demodulating the signal and giving analog video data, through this signal. The digital signal is then converted in a way that is compatible with analog televisions.


Do I Need a DTV Converter Box?

The first thing you will want to know, before delving into whether or not you even need a DTV converter box is whether or not you have an analog or digital TV set in the first place! This can be discerned through checking your set manufacturer name and model number. There are databases online, such as that found on that you can use to check to see if your TV set has a digital tuner.

You can also review the manual that came with the television and check the TV to see if it has a built-in-Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) tuner.

In addition, you can visit the manufacturer’s website and with the manufacturer model number, find out the nature of your television.

Are Any Special Antennas Needed?

Providing you already receive good broadcast signals through an indoor or rooftop antenna, you will not need to buy any special antennas for your DTV converter box to work.

 Where Can I Buy a DTV Converter Box and at What Cost?

DTV converter boxes can be found in electronic stores throughout the country and also on the internet.

The best DTV Converter available on the market at the moment is the Coby – ATSC Standard Definition Converter Box, which is compatible with 18 different digital TV formats. On top of merely receiving free over the air television signals, it converts over the air HDTV signals making them compatible with standard enhanced-definition TVs.

DTV Converters can be bought for around £20 to £30, and sometimes even cheaper if you’re lucky enough to find the right deal.

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