What We Can Expect From The iPhone 6

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Perhaps it’s indicative to how little we were impressed by the 5S, or perhaps it shows the prestige by which Apple are held in the tech world. Whatever the reasons are behind our excitement, most of us are eagerly anticipating the release of the iPhone 6. To be introduced some time next year, consumers already have one eye on Apple’s upcoming smartphone release and here are a few things we can expect from the iPhone 6.

Release Date

First and foremost, its release date is expected to be mid next year – although as usual with Apple nothing has been or will be confirmed until very close to the time of its release. There are actually some reports that suggest the phone will be introduced much sooner – with a timeframe of early 2014 believed to be more accurate than most tech analysts’ predictions.


It’s been rumoured that the 5S will boast three different size variations – which will certainly be a breath of fresh air, considering recent iPhone designs have been rather repetitive and uninspiring to say the least.


Now with for the past three or even four iPhone releases, the prediction of NFC has been made. Near-field communication has been anticipated immensely, only for disappointments to occur when tech geeks find out of its omission from each model’s specs. If rumours are to be believed, the upcoming model could be the model when it’ll all change and finally happen however – even if that has been said a good few times before.

128GB Storage

Since the iPad has an abundant 128GB of storage, rumours have arisen anticipating the same amount of space being made available on the iPhone 6. It’s rather optimistic and will probably cost a lot, however to have so much space available on a smartphone is a rumour worth dreaming about.

iPhone 6 Screen

The word on the street is that the upcoming iPhone will boast a massive Retina+ Sharp IGZO display with 1080p Full HD resolution. This is rumoured to be 5.7 inches and there is further talk of two handheld sizes along with this giant model.


Of course, in regards to how highly we rate smartphones, power means an awful lot. It is believed that the iPhone 6 will arrive with either an upgraded A7 processor, or a quad-core A8. It is hoped that the next iPhone processor will not only have more power but also boast better efficiency, helping battery life.


Those expecting improvements to the iPhone’s camera will be pleased to know that the snapper will be upgraded and made better. However, tech heads shouldn’t expect a super-camera like that of the Sony Xperia Z1 or Nokia Lumia 1020.

Rather than any 20-megapixel or 41-megapixel snappers, a 13-megapixel-sensor camera is to be expected of the iPhone 6. This is expected to improve the image quality of the iPhone while taking up less space.

Hopeful Rumours

There have been a few rumours of both eye tracking features – which would be marvelous – and wireless charging. Both would be fantastic, however we’ll have to wait until next year to see if either come to fruition of course.

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