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As one of the most popular media centre apps available on Windows, Mac and Linux computers, XBMC’s arrival unto Android format has been somewhat overdue. In a technological age now dominated by Androids and internet television, XBMC should have really been available on Android format years ago. Nonetheless, it has been since July, and for technology consumers around the world, this is nothing short of fantastic news.

Online Media Sources Gathered into One

XBMC allows you to access online media from sources such as Amazon, YouTube, Netflix and more. Originally designed for Xbox gaming – the hints of its past lies within the name – XBMC is in a nutshell an excellent media player and therefore subsequently a great addition to the Android.

Whether it’s via your Android phone, television or tablet, XBMC allows you to manage and play online media most conveniently through bringing the internet’s main sources together.

A further perk with the XBMC, is that it was made to look tailor made for television sets. With that in mind, it certainly delivers its intended purpose, looking magnificently on Android television sets.

The Good and the Bad

The pros with XBMC are numerous, handling HD video playback much more smoothly than other media players such as MX player and VLC for starters.

Running Google Android, XBMC also runs smoothly on efficient smartphones.

There are however, a few setbacks with the software. In addition to taking a while to launch, on certain devices it doesn’t recognize mouse clicks or the enter key, preventing you from playing media material such as music and videos in many circumstances.

What we do have however, is potentially the beginning of something special, as without the pretty obvious flaws which should be fixed in no time, the XBMC is a fantastic media player for Androids.

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