5 Weird and Wonderful Tech Gadgets in 2013

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As many a tech fan will tell you, hearing about the latest gadget updates from shows such as TED and the annual CES in January can excite, revive and awaken new interests in the latest technology markets. At the start of 2013, arrays of brilliant and wacky devices have already been unveiled, predominantly at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Here are just some to wet your tech appetites.

Epson EH-TW9100

epson EH

This projector from Epson adds to a multitude of home cinema devices at a much more affordable price tag of £2,600. The EH-TW9100 which is available to buy now may go up against heavy competition in the future from tech companies such as LG with their Hecto projector. However, with Hecto’s giant price tag of £12,485, the Epson projector can be made readily available for a more mainstream audience. The device can beam images in 3D at 2,400 Lumens with a contrast ratio to 320,000:1 – pretty good. It also comes with 3D glasses for a fully dimensional home cinema experience.



For something a bit more on the wacky side at this year’s CES, HAPILABS revealed their curious new gadget, the HAPIfork. First designed for clinical and medical use, the HAPIfork is now being marketed as the new health and weight control gadget. The fork monitors the users eating habits, alerting the user when they are eating too fast which, in their own words ‘leads to poor digestion and poor weight control’. The fork also measures how long it takes you to eat a meal, and intervals, which is then uploaded via a USB onto an online dashboard to track your eating habits.

Dhama Pursuit Business Shirt


The people at Dhama are now hoping to increase your office comfort with their new business shirt. The shirt which comes in a number of colours and sizes may look like your everyday shirt from the outside, but inside its material exterior lies advanced thermal engineering, moisture management and bio-chemical engineering. The in-built heating and cooling system ranges from 73 to 122 degrees so wearers can cool off in the sticky summer day sun.

Mophie Juice Pack Helium


Fed up of your phone constantly running out of charge by the late afternoon? With the Mophie Juice Helium pack for the iPhone 5 is equipped with 80% more battery life for your phone and comes with a micro-USB cable to charge your phone and the juice pack simultaneously. There is a LED indicator to check battery levels, and as it is 13% thinner than their previous juice packs, it won’t change the way your store your phone in your bag. At just £59, the pack – with additional protection – is an inexpensive everyday device which is out now.

Raspberry Pi Model A


Raspberry Pi’s new Model A staggers with its even more back-to-basics form. This stripping down means that it is cheaper than the B model at only £16. It only has one USB port, no Ethernet connection and a low 256MB of RAM. Despite this, it is still a fully functional 700MHz Linux computer, which is great pocket sized gadget for IT beginners and children as well those looking for a cheap and easy to use computer. Raspberry Pi are very excited to release a $25 computer and are eager to see what people do with it, so kids, get coding!

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