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Few projects have received so much praise for their good intentions as the Raspberry Pi computer and the small but beautiful, tasty sounding Raspberry Pi is in high demand.

Crafted in order to improve the computing education of children, to fuel their curiosity and encourage more students to get into the challenges of software programming; the Raspberry Pi has taken off in a big way. The credit card sized Raspberry Pi may be much smaller than other computers but the beauty of this device relies upon the size and the sheer surprising power to make considerable cost savings and still provide a useful computer.

The Raspberry Pi computer comes complete with up to 512Mb RAM, 1 or 2 USB ports depending on model, an Ethernet port (again depending on model) and a GPU that may just astonish. An SD card is used to boot the device and a HDMI out is present on the board for those impressive graphics.

With the main usable programming language of Python it is hoped that children will be inclined to learn how to program and explore the inner workings of their computer safe in the knowledge that the device is inexpensive and most of the time can be rebooted cleanly if any mistakes are made while the child is investigating the many delights of software development.

Modern computers have a wealth of RAM and hard drive space and this excess of space can lead to bloated inefficient software, with less space more consideration has to be taken when programming and this leads to good habits when it comes to development. Therefore, the Raspberry Pi may seem to have a tiny amount of RAM but this actually leads to ingenious ways to utilise it.

Fewer students are turning to software development yet the rise of students wanting to study game development seems to be on the rise so the Raspberry Pi could be the ideal solution to help train students into good programming practice while providing a cheap and effective way to learn.

It seems that the Raspberry Pi is not just for kids as when the product was first released, many technology experts couldn’t wait to get their hands on it and the hope is that the community of those using the tiny computer will help to provide drivers and software for the device and improve the product through exploration.

Also, the other benefit of the Raspberry Pi is that as it is cheap to purchase and it can help improve the lives of those in developing countries where a computer may be needed but is too expensive.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has made huge leaps in the development of this clever little device and it is certain that the Raspberry Pi will go on to bigger things in the future while still maintaining its diminutive size.

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