Android TV Boxes for the Arabic Market

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Android TV boxes are the new thing on the lips and minds of tech geeks. The ability to combine everything we love about television with the internet is indeed a mouth-watering prospect and we’ve subsequently been given a plethora of different Android TV boxes for our entertainment and amusement. The Arabic market has been no different in regards to the wave of Android TV boxes being offered to consumers and has thus subsequently seen a number of top models. Here are the best.

M6 Android Smart TV Box

The M6 Android Smart TV Box is available to those living in the UAE and boasts a 1080p High Definition viewing quality and full HD video encoding, as well as an Android 2.3 Operating System, HTML 5 and Flash 11 support. The Android TV box also holds a browser inside.

The M6’s biggest selling point however is the ARM Cortex A9 processor which currently provides unprecedented levels of performance and power efficiency.

The M6 further has an embedded high-performance Open GL 3D graphics processor Mali – 400, which provides super anti-aliasing 3D Game processing ability.

While there are countless Android TV boxes currently available on the market, the M6 goes further than allowing you to simply enjoy unlimited internet content on your televisions. Users can also download material through torrents unto the Android TV box.

The M6 is available via free delivery all throughout the UAE.

Android Mini TV Box

Tech geeks seem to have a rather odd preoccupation with size, with a general rule being the smaller the object the happier the consumer. One could therefore imagine the delight of many upon beholding the tiny Android Mini TV Box.

Turning your TV into a smart computer, the Android Mini TV Box claims to be the world’s smallest Android TV box. It runs on an Android 4.0 operating system and does everything an Android TV box should; such as allowing users to screen web TV channels, browse the internet and watch videos on YouTube.

Deals are being targeted at UAE residents and include a wireless keyboard and mouse and a built-in 4GB memory card. Users can also chat, connect to social media and amuse themselves with some online gaming via the USB stick shaped and sized, Android Mini TV Box.

2012 Android TV Box

The 2012 Android TV Box is a 1080p HD video media player that shows a plethora of Arabic TV channels. From Al Alan to Dubai TV, Waqt News and Sharqiya TV, this single Android box has them all. With no fewer than 70 channels, the 2012 Android TV Box really is a kingpin in the Arabic market at the moment.

It runs on Android 2.3, allows 3D gaming and supports Chrome. Users can also use any wireless keyboard or mouse with the Android box which is pretty handy, while the box’s hard disk capacity is 100GB.

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