Apple TV versus Google TV – The Pros and Cons

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2012 brings us the evolution of technology, with millions obsessing over Smartphones everywhere we are now seeing our televisions upgrading in the same way. With just a small plug in you are now able to experience a whole world of tv programmes, films, photos and games all on your television.

What is Google TV?

Google TV is an innovative TV platform that cleverly uses Google Chrome and Android to create an interactive television experience. Google TV is made up with Chrome, Youtube and Google Play integrated into your live television.

Google TV
So how are you going to use these features on the big screen?
Use Chrome as your browser to watch videos online, check your emails and catch up on the latest television programmes.
Create your own Youtube channel and enjoy as many videos and programmes as you’d like – upload your funny videos and share them with the online world or create a private account to share your memories with your loved ones. For those of you who are absolutely obsessed with your Smartphones, well the fun doesn’t end there… You can now download apps straight to your television.

Apps include Netflix, The Guardian, BBC iPlayer and Plex… Plus many more.

Efficient Android software enabling plenty of apps
Chrome browser is high speed to enable a variety of content
You can customise your apps in the home screen providing easy navigation
Ability to plug in keyboard

The Flash plug in provided by Logitech is not 100% reliable
If you are in the UK, Google Box is pretty much useless as a part from Netflix nothing else seems to work
There are not many Google TV compatible televisions
Very limited TV apps

What is Apple TV?

Apple TV enables you to play content from iTunes, Youtube and other forms… It is a tiny plug in that you insert into your television and immediately you are opening up a new world of technology.
Apple TV 3 can stream HD videos and needs hard connection to your rooter / modem to fuction well.
With Apple TV 3 you are able to access HD films and television programmes as well as music and photos from your iTunes.
Airplay is one of the main features of Apple TV and it involves pairing your TV wireless to your iPad, iPhone and iPod in order to stream straight to your HDTV and from this you can access holiday pictures, games and blockbusters.
Google TV
iTunes enabling music, photos, tv programmes and films to be visualised on your television including a world of Apps.
Internal 8 GB of flash memory
Incredible quality
High speed

No USB option
Minimal internet content channels
There is no App store
Very limited TV apps

Overall the technology provided is brilliant from both parties – there is of course still room for improvement and people are going to have to get used to the idea in general. Once it catches on there will be tight competition…

So far we think Google and Apple have got quite a way to go to transform how we watch TV in our living room.

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