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At last! Unbreakable phone screens released by LG!

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This is what we have all been waiting for! An unbreakable, yes unbreakable phone screen! A smashed phone screen is now a thing of the past as LG has confirmed that they will be selling flexible smartphone and tablet screens also known as G Flex handset. It is said that they will be released as early as November!


LG have created a 6 inch display which will be produced using bendy plastic substrates (rather than glass), with the flexi panel having the ability to attach itself to any curved device. There have also been rumours that a curved battery prototype will be soon on the market! We can’t wait!

Rivals Samsung similarly announced last month, their plans to launch a similar product with a flexible display. The handset itself is not expected to be bendy or flexible; however Samsung’s Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus have already slightly curved screens – made with curved glass and not the new bendy plastic. Fully flexible devices are not expected to be available until next year at the earliest.
The flexible display market is expected to grow at a rapid rate, and it’s expected to expand very quickly, into more diverse applications. LG has announced that their goal is to take an early lead in the flexible display market by creating and producing new products that have an enhanced performance and innovative designs.
The flexible displays are made of a special plastic, only 0.44mm thin, protected by a film attached to the back, giving it it’s ‘bendable and unbreakable’ features and at only 7.2g it has proven to be very light and easy to handle. Along with this is the invention of the bendable batteries, although not set for release yet, these batteries could revolutionise the way our smartphones work! The batteries are so bendy that they can be tied in knots which could potentially give us longer battery life as the batteries are not restricted by their size or shape. Among the smartphone and tablet display screens, LG also mass produced e-ink flexible displays back in 2004, which was the starting point for the creation of the smartphone flexi displays.

Having said this, we have seen a hint of the flexible displays before, back in 2010, Sony was the first company to unveil their flexible display screens, although they have not been made available to customers! Sony’s prototype was so bendy and flexible that it could be rolled around a pencil.

Other rumours that have been circulating are regarding Samsung’s Galaxy Gear Smartwatch which was believed to contain a flexible display. However, the device was launched with a tiny yet traditional 2 inch screen made of solid glass.

So are these new innovative screens worth the price tag? Unfortunately we do not yet know how much these are going to cost, but what we do know is that with the amazing features and flexibility of  this new display, we can expect them to come at a premium price.

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