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The smartphone world has exploded recently with a massive variety of Android and Windows phones now available on the market. As the alternative to the ubiquitous iPhone, Android and Windows phones are having to work harder than ever to compete in terms of technology and style. So here’s our guide to the best-performing Android and Windows phones to help you choose which one is perfect for you:

Best Value: Huawei Ascend G300

At around one hundred pounds the Huawei Ascent G300 is by far the best value for money Android phone that we’ve found on the market. It does the simple things very well without the technological bells and whistles you can find as standard on other Android handsets. Its camera for example is certainly not the best around but it still takes beautiful pictures that may not impress the professional photographer but is perfect for your social media network. The Ascend G300 should be regarded as a standard purchase for the first-time smartphone buyer or as a smartphone that the kids can use. At such a low price, you won’t have to worry too much about losing or breaking it either.

The Big and Beautiful: Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung have excellent pedigree in the smartphone market having launched several top-selling models previously. So quality comes as a guarantee with the Galaxy Note. Its 5.3 inch screen displays beautifully sharp content which is perfect for watching movies, taking pictures and playing games. Certainly a great purchase if, like me, you find using smaller smartphones a little fiddly to say the least. On the other, smaller, hand it may look slightly overlarge. All in all, the Galaxy note is a strong-performing smartphone with many great features that are well worth the mid-ranged price tag.

The Small and Sexy: Sony Xperia U

In contrast to the Samsung Galaxy Note we have the Sony Xperia U. So small as to be cute, you won’t want to keep this sleek, stylish smartphone in your pocket for too long. With ‘mood lighting’ a distinguishing feature, it’s definitely a phone for the fashion-conscious rather than the boardroom. And despite all its showiness, the Sony Xperia U is still priced with value in mind and holds its own in terms of performance and speed.

The Fast: HTC One S

HTC are one of the world’s leading handset producers so it’s no surprise that their latest offering makes our list. The HTC One S is one of the highest-spec smartphones around and runs Android 4.0 as standard so you’ll never be left wanting for speed and performance. It’s also a great-looking, solid handset that feels great in the hand. Its eye-watering power, of course, comes at a premium but well-worth it for those keen to stay on the cutting edge of mobile technology.

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