Best mini PCs to Access Google Play From Your TV

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Nowadays you don’t really need a PC to surf Google Play. If you have a Smart TV (eg. Samsung UE55ES8000) you can use an internal app to do that.

But if you haven’t got a Smart TV yet, we have some good news for you. You can get an Android 4.0 Mini PC powered by Google Android operating system which is actually quite powerful considering its dimensions.

For instance MK802 is a great product on sale for under 70 dollars and it runs full the Ice Cream Sandwich OS. It could be used as an inexpensive second computer for the kids or a super-portable PC that fits in even the smallest pocket.

mk802 ii image

The MK802 Dongle doesn’t connect via USB by HDMI port to your TV, so you need to make sure you have got one. It doesn’t come with power so you will need to power it via USB.

This particular model is also able to run Linux on and it has full root access if you need to install any apps or customize the ROM as you wish.

Like the Raspberry Pi (sold for just 25$) this is another incredible gadget which could be an easy fit with your TV and doesn’t require any extra table space.

Don’t forget the 500,000+ Game apps you will be able to download from the Google Play store, hence no need to purchase an expensive game console.

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