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Remember Setanta Sports, the channel that consistently showed Premier League football, without ever securing any of the key fixtures? If you’re an avid football fan, any Premier League fixture is entertainment, but Setanta charged around £10 a month to catch second rate Premier League fixtures. ESPN followed suit after taking over from Setanta and soon [...]

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Welcome to the tiny computer we know as the MK802 iii. This device is really no bigger than a packet of chewing gum! It brings a super fast processor alongside the Android software it runs with. This dongle type product plugs into the TV via HDMI cable and enables you to run Android TV and [...]

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At Visopix, we love open source technology, and one of our own favourites in house is the fantastic – and award-winning – XBMC player. XBMC is the perfect media player app for your home theatre: it can play virtually every popular video or audio format, it can sort and organise all your libraries like iTunes, [...]

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Nowadays you don’t really need a PC to surf Google Play. If you have a Smart TV (eg. Samsung UE55ES8000) you can use an internal app to do that. But if you haven’t got a Smart TV yet, we have some good news for you. You can get an Android 4.0 Mini PC powered by [...]

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How can I improve dongle speed? Here are some tips on improve the speed of your Google TV. - get closer to the WIFI router to boost up signal and restart router - ensure you haven’t got laptops / PC / Mobile connected to the router while using the dongle - reset factory setting on: [...]

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TV Dongles: How Do They Work?

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TV Dongles are the new big thing for tech consumers however not everybody quite knows exactly what they do. All the majority of us seem to know is that they combine the internet with television. Here then is the vital information you need on TV dongles, which seem set to revolutionise our television viewing experience [...]

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