China’s Baidu Eye Rivals Google’s Glass

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You may have heard of Google’s plans to launch Google Glass, an innovative new piece of technology. If you haven’t, it’s a pretty smart but simple concept that involves a pair of glasses and of course, a bit of tech-magic.

However it seems that Google aren’t the only ones expected to cash in on this little gadget. China’s equivalent of Google, Baidu is set to launch eyeglasses that act as a similar wearable computer. The glasses cleverly named Baidu Eye will be voice controlled and have full image recognition. While Baidu are still working on their creation, Google are already set to launch Google Glass by the end of 2013.

The Features

Google Glass has been designed to act as a mass market computer that can display information hands free like a smartphone. Like Baidu’s version, it too can respond to voice commands and connect to the internet. Other features of Google Glass include a voice activated camera, GPS and a language translation function. Google also claim to have designed a product that is lightweight and attractive due to the range of colours available. As for Baidu Eye, there are mixed opinions on whether their version will really be able to compete with Google Glass. China’s version is similar in the fact that it is an ‘ocular wearable interface’ but when it comes to functionality, there may be many differences. The product is still in progress and appears not to be on the same level as Google’s Glass in terms of ingenuity.

Privacy Issues

China is strict on internet use and privacy so it is likely that this device could cause problems. If the Baidu Eye claims to offer all the same features of Google’s Glass, users will be able to record and upload images in real time. China might not be the only ones with privacy issues however. Google may have to face fines from European regulators after refusing to reverse changes they made to privacy settings back in March 2012.

The Experience

Google have released a video on their website to showcase their amazing product. You can experience its quality by watching this video:-

Be careful not to believe everything you read about the Baidu Eye. False reports emerged as a result of an April fool’s day joke providing inaccurate details about the product. It has been confirmed by Baidu however that they are still working on their project while they test it internally on a small scale. We just hope that we will be able to witness the final result soon!

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