Control the New Google TV with Voice Commands

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Voice control has been around for a while and we are still quite sceptical when a ‘new and improved’ system comes out. The Nintendo DS’s voice control refused to recognise the world ‘blue’ no matter how you varied your voice. Most phones also offer some form of voice-to-text or voice command, but they are never shown as a big feature. But there appears to be some light at the end of the voice command tunnel, with details on the new Google TV’s features being released this month.

Not only will the new Google TV have voice-control search, it’s rumoured to also host the upcoming Xbox SmartGlass app. This app allows you to control media on the Xbox 360 from your TV or other handheld device. It can even work as a second screen for statistics or in-game options when playing video games.

Since Google TV was first launched in 2010, we haven’t seen much development that hit the market by storm. Companies including LG and Sony produced Google TV devices, but they were never as successful as Google hoped. The idea of the integration of Android, internet and television does seem like the perfect form of home entertainment, but either the price or the promise of being something too good to be true dissuaded many buyers.

As usual, Google faced competition from Apple TV. Apple’s product worked in much the same way, but did not have the expected rush of customers as most Apple products have. Google even ignored Google TV’s existence at its I/O (Innovation in the Open) 2012 event, leading us to believe that they would leave it until more of a demand called for it.

But, we now know that all is not lost and Google TV will rise again! A video was leaked, although we were unable to get our hands on it before it was made private again. We do have all the inside information from reliable sources. We know that the voice control commands will work by calling out a TV show and it will search live TV, Netflix, and YouTube etc. You can even search by genre, or let you go straight to certain channels if you shout out ‘BBC’ instead. It works on all the applications that you download too (as Google TV will run with an Android operating system), such as Google Maps, by just calling out the name.

No one knows quite just how it will look yet, but considering that this video has been ‘released’, we can assume that they’ll be churning it out quite quickly. We can only hope it’s before Christmas!

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