Do we really know who has the upperhand in the technology market?

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Many people are rushing to grab the newest piece of technology on the market with some going for the recently released Samsung S4 handset or the Samsung Tablet and others going for the ‘forever faithful’ iPhone 5 or the iPad. But how good are each of these products? We are going to take a look at their specifications and let you decide for yourselves which is the ruler of technology thus far.

Samsung S4



Whilst some people believe that Apple still has the upperhand in the technology market, they  couldn’t be more wrong, with Samsung now creeping up on the market-leader everything could be about to change. We have already seen vast improvements from Samsung with their newest handset the S4 which has the newer and more innovative functions, compared to its predecessor Samsung S2:

-          13mp camera

-          Finger air view

-          Air gesture

-          Smart pause

This just goes to show what technology of the future could potentially have! Samsung is the first handset that has air gesture technology – already giving them the upperhand on Apple.

iPhone 5



The ever innovative Apple created their newest handset the iPhone 5 just a few months ago, and are already planning their next one. Whilst the iPhone does not have ‘air gesture’ technology, which some would argue is unnecessary, it boasts many other attributes:

-          Ultra fast wireless technology

-          First retina display with intergrated touch technology

-          iSight camera with a sapphire crystal surface – less likely to scratch

-          thinnest handset at 7.6mm weighing just 112g


Along with the smartphones, are the tablets who are also running the race to become the best-selling gadget of 2013.

Whilst Samsung have created the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, Apple has brought out a smaller version of their iPad renaming it the – iPad Mini. With the newest version of the iPad – the iPad mini – you are able to  use it for up to 10 hours, surfing the web on Wi-Fi, watching videos or listening to music, using the extremely light product which has a  7.9 inch display and weighs in at just 312g.


The Galaxy Tab 3 has updated their tablet with ‘Android Jelly Ben’ –  following companies like  who were the first of a few companies to start using this technology, in their ‘MK802 III 8GB Android 4.1 Mini PC’. Android Jelly Bean 4.1 OS allows you to restrict and limit access to some apps and content, whilst the Bluetooth Smart support makes Android ready for a whole new class of apps that connect to fitness sensors and games look great thanks to the 3D realistic, high performance graphics.

After taking all of these specifications into account, it seems that Samsung may indeed have the upperhand on Apple using newer  technology which is suitable for all ages, it looks like Apple needs to catch up in the technology race. But what do you think?

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