Get Fit and Healthy with the help of your phone!

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Keeping fit and healthy is important and we all know that but in the modern world there are so many distractions from exercise and too many tempting reasons to start that diet ‘tomorrow’ (which becomes a further and further away point the more delicious meals that are presented to us!) so how best to stay motivated?

Well, the answer could literally be in the device that we hold in our hands almost every day – the humble Smartphone. There are many clever little apps, many for absolutely free to promote health and fitness so there are a few well worth looking into.

When it comes to exercise, even something as a simple pedometer app that will count the number of steps taken per day on a Smartphone can help track progress and encourage further exercise. As well as pedometer apps there are also a range of apps that can help you run more efficiently with voice encouragement and even logging your cycling progress on an exercise bike. There are some apps that can link to a chip placed into a running shoe to track the progress of the exercise.

For those looking for an interesting and quirky goal to motivate their exercise; games such as Zombies Run for Android can provide a bit of action and adventure to a run. The audio game allows you to simulate running away from a zombie hoard and use checkpoints to vary their run and this can be enough to motivate anyone without any actual zombies.

When it comes to diet, it can be hard to stick to a diet when you don’t track what you are eating. Apps such as MyFitnessPal help to track both the food that you eat as well as the amount of calories you burn with particular exercises. The app has a huge food database so when entering most foods, the calorie count is clearly displayed making it easier to log food without constantly reading packets to calculate. The exercise database within the app also has a vast array of exercises and the approximate number of calories burned so again this makes it easy to log activity. There is a social aspect to the app as well as it is possible to share the success of the weight loss with friends and encourage friends in their progress too.

As well as all of these apps, there are also several apps that can measure heart rate so it is easy to keep track of this while exercising too.

There are so many options to help keep fit and healthy using a Smartphone so why not utilise the device that you carry around every day to boost your fitness routine?

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