How To Use Your Android Phone As a TV Remote

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Our Android smartphones are our pride and joy. The seemingly unlimited functions they can perform constantly help make our day to day lives easier, and with new apps being churned out by developers by the day, we continuously find different ways by which to use our Androids. Of these is the use of our Android phone as a remote control. This article will look at the apps and smartphones which allow this to happen.

The Dijit Universal Remote App

For so many people, the remote control has become somewhat of a home nomad, always coming, going and then turning up only to disappear at whim. Our mobile phones on the other hand are practically attached to us, with the prospect of facing a mere half hour period without one by our side seemingly impossible. A mobile phone that is a remote control then is the answer.

This is exactly what the Dijit Universal Remote App is and more. The app goes further than merely telling the television what to do, but includes a TV guide, and a social TV aspect from which you can connect the app to Facebook and the like, and exchange television program suggestions with friends.

Furthermore, Dijit Universal Remote App allows you to decide which buttons appear when you want them to, rather than having a remote control decorated with dozens of unused buttons.

What’s more is that Dijit Universal Remote App works with other electronic devices such as Blu-Rays DVDs and Set-Tops.

Boxee Wi-Fi Remote App

For many people, the experience of watching television involves a HTPC. For those rather fortunate television viewers, who have theirs running on Boxee software, the Boxee Wi-Fi Remote App is the perfect companion.

The Boxee Remote App also allows you to use your Android phone as a keyboard whenever your HTPC requires something to be typed. The only drawback with the Boxee Remote App is the pause button has been removed from the last update!


Why stop with turning your Android mobile into a wireless remote? Why not convert it into a keyboard and mouse? This is most probably what Seattle’s Joshua Sera from contemplated when he decided to develop RemoteDroid.

Compatible with Macs, Windows PCs, Linux operating systems and tablets, RemoteDroid turns your phone into a wireless keyboard and mouse with touchpad.

Sky+ Remote Record

Ever been out of the house, only to remember that you forgot to record your favourite program on your Sky box? Rather than getting your neighbour to break into your house and recording the program, Sky+ Remote Android allows you to trigger your Sky+ and record programs on your home setup box wherever you are.

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