TV Dongles: How Do They Work?

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TV Dongles are the new big thing for tech consumers however not everybody quite knows exactly what they do. All the majority of us seem to know is that they combine the internet with television. Here then is the vital information you need on TV dongles, which seem set to revolutionise our television viewing experience and alter the face of social media and advertising too.

TV Dong… what?

A TV dongle is a USB shaped device that connects to televisions via HDMI. Holding Wi-Fi connectivity the dongle then provides access to the internet, bringing everything one can do on the internet onto our front screens.

We can therefore watch a range of different online TV channels from YouTube to Netflix and live streams. Some TV dongles also offer better screen resolution viewing. For example Visopix’s Android 4.0 TV dongle enables viewers to stream live TV and video in full HD.

Social Media

A strong integration of social media onto our television screens can be made available through TV dongles, although is only so via Visopix at the moment. Visopix allows users to connect to Skype and Facebook while streaming television programs. You’ll therefore be able to talk to friends and family while watching your favourite programs and browsing the web.


Apps are a major aspect of the internet with there being billions of them to choose from online. TV dongles will allow you to download and explore your favourite apps unto your TV screen. That you’ll be able to combine this experience with social media channels such as Skype is a mouth-watering prospect for tech consumers.


A big part of the online experience lies within gaming. Online gaming dominates the internet with a plethora of different titles and games available to play. TV dongles bring this to your TV screens, allowing you to do online gaming on your televisions.

Related to online gaming is the Android games console. Devices like the Ouya, a Kickstarter funded Android home entertainment console have managed to bring the element of gaming into the Android TV experience. Ouya isn’t available until March 2013 but tech consumers are already licking their lips at the prospect of simply being able to download all of their games off the internet, like apps. Like apps also, the quantity of games will no doubt be on a rapid increase, and this may spell the future of gaming.

Thus we will soon be able to play console-quality Android games on our TVs instead of on our phones or tablets.

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