iOS 7 – A Guide to the New Features

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With iOS 7 due to hit Apple devices by “ this Autumn”, we take a look at the new features soon to be gracing iDevices everywhere.

Control Centre

The new Control Centre is the hub of the device. Swipe up on the screen anywhere and a neat translucent layover pops up displaying the workings of the phone. Change the brightness, switch off the Bluetooth and control the music player, all in one handy place.

The Control Centre overlay


AirDrop will let different iDevices share their media, contacts and documents with people next to them, without the gimmick of bumping phones.

Share your photos easily with AirDrop


Music App

The Music app is getting a welcome overhaul. Flip the device horizontal and you get the familiar album art tiles for easy scrolling. What’s more, Apple are integrating the iCloud into the music player, so that the whole of your music library is available to you whenever and wherever you want it.

Get all your tracks in one place

Photo Gallery

Apple have added “Moments” to the photo gallery, a clever feature that auto arranges your pictures into folders by the locations they were taken. Pinch to zoom out and the photos are organised into collections, recognising nights out and events. Zoom out again and the photos are displayed in a time line.

New, smart ways to automatically organise photos.



The biggest news with Siri is the addition of new voices, with a choice between male and female. New commands will make it easier to navigate and control the iPhone, with commands such as “Turn on Bluetooth” and “Decrease brightness” being implemented. Siri will also integrate Twitter, Wikipedia and Bing into searches it makes.

Twitter, Wikipedia and Bing now integrated into Siri searches

In Car iOS 7

From next year, car manufacturers will be rolling out cars with iOS 7 running on built-in screens. These cars of the future will allow drivers to access maps, have Siri read and reply to messages and control the music player, all without the need for an Apple device.

Cars of the future will be able to run iOS 7

App Store

The new App Store will contain over 900,000 apps, according to Apple. This will include the ability to search apps by age range, a feature obviously aimed at parents with young children. You will also be able to search for “Apps Near Me”, a feature that shows the most popular apps downloaded in your current location. Also added is the ability to automatically update apps in the background.

Search for apps by age range


Multitasking has been changed so that you can see a neat preview screen of the apps you are flipping between instead of the tab at the bottom just displaying the app logo.

Preview tabs before selecting them


A new dynamic resizeable URL bar means you can customise how much space you have to look at web pages in the browser. Tabs have also been improved, with the function of being able to have more than 8 tabs open at a time and sync them with other devices over iCloud Tabs.


Scroll easily between more than 8 tabs

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