iOS7 – Already a disappointment?

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With the release of the new Apple software, iOS7 having being launched only hours ago, it is already being slammed by users about the difficulty of use and unfamiliar layouts and apps, not to mention the time it took some users to update!

Many of the new features are completely different from the previous ones in iOS6 – confusing users. This has forced many customers to social media sites Twitter, Facebook, blogs and forums to find out how to use the new software. A lot of customers have compared it to Android software, but isn’t this the opposite of what Apple were hoping to achieve, Apple strive to be the best and most innovative technology company on the market, but have they just taken a backwards step?

One of the main issues with iOS7 was the re-designed Notification and Control Centre. There is a new quick access Notification Centre which displays any missed notifications or calls as well as a ‘Today View’. This gives you a glance at the day ahead showing live traffic and weather information, all updated in real time as well as any up-coming event s or birthdays. If you are unsure – to open the control centre menu, you have to swipe down from the top of the screen, and then you have to click on the different tabs to view the different notifications.
If you are looking to force close some of your apps, you do this in the same why, by double clicking the home button but instead of holding the icon down you have to swipe it upwards to force them to close – another feature that is similar to Android’s Jelly Bean software.

A brand new feature to the iPhone is ‘Airdrop’. It allows users to share photos, contacts and videos by clicking share and another iOS7 user from your contacts list. In order to use this new feature, Bluetooth and Wifi needs to be enabled on all devices involved, and Airdrop has to be enabled from the Control Centre.
Above all of this, the most important security update on iOS 7 is the new activation lock feature. This feature sync’s with a user’s iCloud account, which cannot be disabled unless you enter the user’s Apple ID and password. Will this help to reduce iPhone thefts now that the thief will not be able to disable ‘Find My Phone’ or reset or reactivate the device?

The rumours were true! A ‘frequent locations’ feature (under settings, privacy, location services, system services, frequency locations) has now been added to the handset and is part of Apple’s ‘Improve Maps’ feature which was created to make the built-in mapping technology more accurate.
Overall, iOS7 has been given a mixed response online since its release. Lots of people have complained about receiving different error messages either when downloading the new software or trying to use the new software. Aside from this, iOS7 has been criticised for looking too dated however others have given a lot of praise to the new design. After reading a brief overview of the new Apple software iOS7 – we’ll leave it up to you to decide whether or not it was worth all the extra memory on your phone!

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