Is the new 4G worth the wait?

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Whilst Orange have been the main producer of smartphones on the 4G network – re-launching and renaming the brand as EE rather than Orange, and teaming up with T-mobile it seems as though other mobile phone companies are following in their footsteps.

Vodafone and O2 are the latest companies to follow on in the 4G craze with Vodafone launching in London and O2 in Leeds and Bradford. Now with the major phone brands all fighting for the same customers – who is going to have the best internet access?

O2 have seen problems recently with their phone network failing and taking a few days to repair which undoubtedly caused some very angry customers, but with the launch of the new 4G network on O2, this be a chance for them to redeem themselves and re-gain the customers they previously lost.


Like Orange and T-Mobile, both Vodafone and O2 are only launching the 4G network on a handful of handsets which encourages customers to purchase the newest phones on the market.

Do customers really want 4G?

If you asked a stranger walking down the street what they thought of the new 4G network – the chances are they wouldn’t know what it was. So is this new network going to be as successful as the last? The chances are the 4G network may prove too expensive for many current customers as it is said that existing customers will be paying roughly £5 extra a month for this new feature. Many current customers will not even be able to use the new network because of where they are living. The 4G network is not set to be launched in some places for months, maybe even years!
Vodafone and O2, although now launching their new network, will still lag behind EE by quite a mile, as EE are currently offering the network in over 105 towns and cities across the UK.
So will this more expensive tariff be worth it? Not everyone will need the faster internet and some customers may only use the internet occasionally, so why would they need to upgrade? Although it is said that subscribers to 4G will be able to do things in a matter of seconds – what happens when this new network goes down and decides to crash? I’m sure it will leave even more customers furious at the new technology!

The same goes for other pieces of technology such as dongles – if they are doing brilliantly at the moment for companies such as visopix –will we feel the need to change these and everything else that seems a little too slow for the 21st century?

3G is doing a perfectly good job of providing us with what we need so doesn’t it seem a bit silly to change it all now? What happened to ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it?’ Let us know what you think of the new network in the comment box below.

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