Is There Any Worth In Buying An iPhone 5S?

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New iPhone releases are always occasions to look forward to for tech geeks. Even if you anticipate a disappointment – and Apple rarely disappoint – new iPhones always get the tech world talking. The iPhone 5S has undoubtedly impressed. But how much is it worth us spending our hard earned money on? With the Samsung S4 wowing consumers, as well as Sony’s Xperia Z & Z1 giving both Samsung and Apple a run for their money, there are reasons to argue against buying the 5S.


The Pros

Before we go onto criticizing the 5S however, let’s run through the phone’s good qualities.

Extremely powerful, Apple’s latest A7 processor is a 64-bit dual-core chip. It makes the 5S one of the most powerful smartphones on the market, even if its chip isn’t quad-core.

The 5S’s IOS 7 software is also impressive, with it being easy to use, as well as having a few nice and useful additions.

Furthermore, its fingerprint scanner works well and the phone’s design is sturdy, aesthetically pleasing and well built.


That’s just about it when it comes to the real impressive 5S features and while these are commendable indeed, they aren’t quite enough to convince rational consumers that the 5S is worth buying over other phones in its price range.

In fact, its price range is probably the phone’s greatest flaw, since deals of around £550 for pay-as-you-go handsets are unjustified and do not correlate with the phone’s true, cheaper worth.

Furthermore, while its design is decent and study, it isn’t exactly innovative. It looks very similar to that of the iPhone 5 – if not identical – and this will disappoint consumers searching for something a little bit different for a change.

That there is no removable battery won’t please tech fans either. Flexibility is a key and necessary feature for smartphones, and being unable to remove one’s battery, means that if the battery needs fixing, your phone will need fixing.

On the matter of flexibility, the fact that the 5S has no expandable storage is never a good thing.


It’s not that the 5S is a bad phone. On the contrary it is a beast of a machine that any consumer will be lucky to have. However, it just doesn’t quite inspire – not least in the way that the Xperia Z and Samsung S4 do.

For a further example, take the 5S’s camera, which is of 8-megapixels. Now 8-megapixels isn’t bad. However, it cannot quite compare to the spectacular 41-megapixel camera of the Nokia Lumia 1020, or even the 20-megapixal snapper of the Sony Xperia Z1.

It would be rather premature to suggest that Apple are falling behind their rivals and it must be remembered that the 5S is more an upgrade to its predecessor, than of a new model in its own right. However, failing to inspire is a major crime amongst the tech world – particularly when one considers the large strides made by those such as Sony, Nokia and Samsung over the past 12 to 24 months.

There isn’t really too much wrong with the iPhone 5S, but there isn’t enough right for consumers to justifiably choose to buy it either.

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