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The Angry Birds App has been so popular that it has even been awarded the title of best game at an event for smartphone and tablet computer apps for the second year in a row. The ever growing game has been loved so much that people are purchasing Angry Birds products from iPhone cases to speakers.

In the addictive game that has taken the world by storm players are to use a slingshot to launch various sized birds at pigs with the aim of the game being to destroy all of the pigs in the field… Sounds rather odd? There are multiple levels that players must complete in order to advance in the game.

Angry Birds has been congratulated for a combination of innovative styles and techniques that make up the game. It’s extremely addictive, it’s simple – if you fail a level you start again until you complete it! It’s has a very comical style and the colours are bright and enticing. After playing the game there really is no question as to why there has been over one billion downloads across Smartphones, iPads and computers.

So now Angry Birds is unleashing its addictive game play into a new realm of technology… Yes that’s right, you are now able to destroy pigs on a TV screen near you!

How can I get Angry Birds on my TV?

One way you can now get Angry Birds on your television using a new technology introduced by Roku. Roku is a streaming device that is set up within minutes with built in wireless. Roku is powered by Android operating system which is one the more popular OS on smartphones. The beauty of this device is that it works virtually with any TV! You can watch films, tv programmes and play games from this small device on your television – you can even browse photos and listen to music.



The box also comes with a Bluetooth remote that contains sensors for motion bases gameplay… This is where Angry Birds comes in and you can fling as many birds as you like! This comes as a channel on the Roku box and plenty more games are being added and developed.

The hit game will continue to grow and you can buy a Roku box from £49.99 – There’s no stopping these Angry Birds!

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