Revealed- Apple Unveils New ios 7 Design and Features

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Apple has launched it’s iOS 7 interface that has a resemblance somewhat similar to Android. The aim of iOS 7 is to enhance and ‘elevate’ the way the consumers use their content.

So what’s actually changed?


Apple has always prided itself on its simplicity and minimalist looks. The new interface embraces a lack of clutter with the removal of unnecessary lines, bars and buttons.

However the icons look similar to the Android interface, which may put Apple at risk of being 2 steps behind. It can be questioned whether Apple has launched iOS 7 a little too late especially with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4 earlier this year which has wowed many consumers and tech-lovers.

Apple does however do its job very well; it cannot be denied that the design is flawless. Animation has been a key game changer and whilst Android has in fact already dabbled in this area, Apple has been more specific. Take the weather app for example, lightening, clouds and hail can all be seen making your regular weather check that touch more exciting.

What’s great about iOS 7 is that its impacting not just the iPhone but iPad and iPod as well which will always give Apple the edge over Android and keep consumers locked into Apple’s ever-growing eco-system.  Every icon has been enhanced with regards to detail, which is another great aspect Apple can prize itself on.


As always Apple has introduced new features to ensure its latest interface is the most advanced it possibly can be.

Apple has introduced the Control Centre, which enables you to access the apps, and controls you most need in one swipe. This is sort of similar to Androids control panel, which you can adapt personally to meet your needs.  It basically lets you do the things you need to do, quick time!

The Notification Centre now lets you see your texts, calls, events in one place. You can also see what’s happening Today, a tool that tells you who’s birthday it is, what the weather is going to be like and anything you may have added to your calendar for that day.

iOS 7 updates your apps automatically when you are connected to wi-fi so is much more power efficient now and works alone so you don’t need to anything! This is also a similar feature to the Android system.

The camera features have also been adapted meaning you can use a wider range of filters, panorama and formats and you can also make the most out of your photo library by creating collections and timelines.

The launch of the iOS 7 has been long awaited, but has it been delayed a little too long. Whilst the latest interface gives Android a run for its money, will the next generation of iPhone hardware live up to expectations?

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