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Samsung’s Galaxy Gear 1.0 – A big disappointment?

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Is the Samsung Galaxy Gear 1.0 a big disappointment for technology users this year? Samsung have managed to release their own version of Google’s Smart-watch before Google itself. But did they rush the creation and launch of their smart-watch? It is a tech company’s dream to launch the first new invention on the market, but did Samsung rush this creation and therefore did not perform as well as they had hoped?

Too much too soon?

The Galaxy Gear 1.0 has been poorly reviewd and needs some work according to a company executive and some industry experts. It was described as a small green tomato by David Edu (head of Samsung open innovation centre). Rumours say it has sold just fewer than 50,000 units since launching in September, retailing at around £300, which is significantly lower than industry expectations – although Samsung is yet to reveal any real sales figures. Edu said “we’re dealing with small green tomatoes. We want to take care of them and work with them so they become big red ripe tomatoes.”
Ian Fogg – director for mobile and telecoms at research firm HIS – said “The device exhibits multiple shortcomings, including a high price tag, a short battery life, its status as a companion device and its limited compatibility. The bottom line is the Galaxy Gear smart-watch probably will not succeed in the market and Samsung will need to try again with a more refined product.” It was rumoured in September that Samsung have already created plans for a second Galaxy Gear for January 2014, possibly showcasing at the US Consumer Electronics Show in March 2014.
When asked if he enjoyed using the Galaxy Gear and whether he was pleased with it, Edu said that he would not have purchased the first one but that he can see its potential and can see where it is headed. He also commented that he doesn’t think Samsung got enough credit for the work they had put into the Galaxy Gear. It is so innovative and very technologically advanced how Samsung have managed to integrate all the functionality into the Galaxy Gear.

Where did it all go wrong?

It is hard to believe that such an innovative and ground-breaking product didn’t make as many sales as the industry had expected. Especially since Samsung created and released the Galaxy Gear as well as the Galaxy Note 3. Something just doesn’t seem to add up with the figures. However, we can rest unsure as to how many sales the Galaxy Gear made as Samsung will not release any figures until they have reached their 500,000 unit milestone, something which we know has not yet happened.
However, Samsung’s Galaxy Gear was not the first smartwatch on the market, it was beaten first by Sony’s LiveView and then the Smartwatch and most recently the Smartwatch 2, as well as the Kickstarter-funded Pebble.

As the market for smart-watches increases and is set to explode in the near future, it is extremely important to get the device spot on! Soon the smar-watches will be one of the most important new product categories within the consumer electronics market. So keep an eye out for any new devices coming out in the near future!


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