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Searching the social network with Facebook Graph

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When it comes to social networking, Facebook is one of the top providers and when an announcement is scheduled about a new product from the company, there is always a lot of speculation as to what will be revealed in the meeting.

In mid January 2013, Facebook announced the introduction of a feature known as Facebook Graph and at once the internet was a flurry of activity and discussion but exactly what is Facebook Graph?

The social networking site sees the users and their connections as a social graph and there is a vast database of information that has in the past been difficult for users to search effectively. Facebook Graph should be the answer to this long standing problem.

If someone on Facebook previously wanted to find friends that liked a certain band in a particular area of the world to arrange a trip to a gig, this information was present but not in a way that was easy for the user to obtain quickly. With Facebook Graph it should simply be a matter of typing ‘find friends who like ‘bandname’ and live in ‘location’’ and the information is at the users fingertips.

This feature has a vast number of applications and while still in beta stages there is sure to be a plethora of functions in development over time to make the site much easier to find information easily. People are uploading a huge amount of photos and posting status updates each and every day and the site grows at a massive rate so anything that makes the search for information simpler is a positive step.

The introduction of the Timeline feature in the past was not exactly welcomed with open arms and the complaints seem to have died down but it can still be particularly difficult to locate specific pieces of information such as statuses and photos that were taken at particular events at a certain time. Again, with Facebook Graph it should be as simple as typing ‘find photos with ‘friend’ taken at ‘place’ ‘date’’ and the photos will be displayed.

There is a great deal of excitement surrounding the feature and while it may not be the announcement that experts were expecting (as there was a great deal of speculation that there may be a Facebook phone in the pipeline as well as several other predictions) Facebook Graph should make life easier when it comes to searching the depths of the information on the social networking site.

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