The Best Educational iPad Apps Around

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iPads no doubt provide quality entertainment for many people, whether it be through streaming media or playing different games. What some may forget however is that the iPad comes in very handy when it comes to learning. Certain apps can be extremely useful for kids, students and adults that are looking for an educational experience from their iPad.


LetterSchool is aimed towards children aged 3-7 and is a handy tool for helping kids write numbers and letters correctly. Kids can learn how to write using just the right gradient, making this app extremely easy and convenient to use. In three easy steps, kids can watch how the letter or number is supposed to be written, trace the letter over this example, and write it completely independently. A common and effective way of encouraging children is through the reward of stars. That is why with this app children will be able to receive a star for each letter or number they write by themselves. As a visually appealing game, kids will be entertained by this app while learning at the same time- bonus!


With this free app, you will be able to record audio, and save links and images into searchable notes to save online. Perfect for students, the audio recording function is great for recording entire lessons or lectures. This app will then make it possible to access these audio or textual notes from any device or internet browser.


If you’re looking for an app that is both fun and educational, you might have just found it here. Garageband allows you to compose and record music in a fun audio sequencer. You will have the chance to build with music loops and record different types of virtual instruments for a totally creative experience. As if this wasn’t enough you are also able to publish your songs to your iTunes or share over them email. This app is perfect for little musicians in the making or adults that want a go at making music in an easy way.


Students and professionals will mainly benefit from Goodreader as it is useful for reading and annotating documents of different types. This app would be found particularly useful by students who take notes while studying or reading, or by teachers who want to review their student’s work. You will struggle to find an app that does a better job of helping you access and annotate .pdf files in particular, making this one of the best file-reading apps around.

Native Numbers

Children aged 4-7 will find this app particularly useful if they struggle with their maths or are just looking to improve upon basic skills. Native Numbers is a fun app that engages with kids to teach them the simple elements of maths by conceptualising it. Slowly children will start to learn with this app that numbers are more than just symbols through understanding the meaning behind them. To give you an idea, pictures and numerals are used to symbolise certain numbers and progress is tracked for each child in a fun way.

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