The Best Snowboarding Gadgets for Pros

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The recent snow we’ve had in the United Kingdom has been a strong reminder of the joys of winter sports. Daydreams of snowboarding while looking out of the window has been a common occurrence; and while that might not quite be possible to achieve in our back gardens, there are a number of ski resorts in and around the United Kingdom. Here are a range of snowboarding gadgets for you to enjoy such ski resorts with.

Dye Slam Shorts

Two things that are needed for a pair of snowboarding shorts are mobility and breathability. These Dye Slam Shorts excel in both and are perfect for those who have an injury that needs protecting, are beginners or attempting to learn a new trick in potentially dangerous conditions. Extra padding in such situations is invaluable.

By protecting your hips from heavy impacts such as hard falls on snow, ice or other hard surfaces, Dye Slam Shorts offer both great comfort and protection, making them a fantastic buy for snowboarders.

Oakley Catapult Goggle Lens

Every pro snowboarder needs a great pair of goggles and there are few better around then the Oakley Catapult Goggle Lens.

Manufactured by High Definition Optics (HDO), the Oakley Catapult Goggle Lens offer fantastic clarity through combining pure Plutonite lens material with patented innovations. A further perk with these goggles is that it maintains 100% UV filtering and provides impact protection.

If all that weren’t enough, it also combats fog build-up through a permanent, specially formulating coating, maintaining a clear view.

The problem with many of the goggles out on the market at the moment is that their lens cannot be replaced without jeopardizing the level of impact protection. Through Oakley’s CAD/CAM engineering, impact protection is kept at its maximum level following the installation of a new pair of lenses.

House of Marley Positive Vibration Earphones

Snowboarding and a good pair of headphones go hand-in-hand, mainly because we all like to listen to a good bit of music while enjoying the wonderful sport. Now, when it comes to seeking out the right headphones for snowboarding, two things are essential: durability and shock and water resistance.

The House of Marley Positive Vibration Earphones are most certainly durable and can withstand heavy impacts and melted ice with ease. Comprised of recyclable aluminium and durable canvas they are the ideal musical companion for pro snowboarders.

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