The world’s first fully spherical photographs

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Ever dreamed of taking panoramic photos in just one shot? Well for all the budding photographers out there, you now can. The Ricoh Theta Camera has a twin-lens system that takes photos around, above and below the device in just one shot.

This brand new camera has been created by Japanese firm Ricoh and it is the world’s first handheld camera that has the technology to take fully spherical photos. Once the shutter button has been pressed, the camera’s ultra slim lens optical system snaps the whole way round the device to create the beautiful photos.

Another innovative piece of technology to add to the ever growing technology field, this camera can create some amazing images! Although there isn’t actually a display on the camera itself, unlike many less technological cameras, this new device can be paired with a smartphone or tablet and synced so that it can be rotated into the correct position and so that it can be zoomed into on the smartphone or tablet screen.

But will this camera be worth the price?

In actual fact, the camera is very reasonably priced – as far as camera pricing goes – it costs £329 and it is already available to pre-order from just a handful of countries, including the UK.

So has this camera got any faults?!

Not as far as we can see! The camera is a reasonable price for budding photographers who are willing to spend money on the newest camera out there. The camera will be compatible with iPhone’s 4S and 5.
However there are the small issues in that on the paired devices, you have to have the latest version of the ios, currently the ios6 and anything above this. Also, the camera is not yet compatible with Android devices, although Ricoh have stated that it will be compatible with Android devices by the end of the year. Moreover, within the spherical photograph you can usually see the tripod or the person taking the photo, which of course defeats the object of a spherical photo as there is a person standing in the middle of it.

The camera is not actually spherical in shape but it is the lenses around the main lens which captures the 360 images. It is a small 95g sized device that has an extra wide angle lens on either side, helping to create a complete view of the camera’s surroundings.

Ricoh have stated that ‘by encapsulating everything and everybody within a cohesive sphere in one simple shot, it will help users to perceive the interconnections that we all share’.

The camera is extremely user friendly and is the most innovative camera out on the market at the moment, but how long will it be until a newer, better version of this camera will be on the technology market?
So after having read all of the facts about the latest spherical camera, do you think it is the best camera out there, or do you think it is yet to be improved? Let us know!

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