The Worst Tech Inventions Ever

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The ever-improving nature of technology is fascinating. Each year we are blessed with an overabundance of new gadgets and technologies, changing our lives for better or for worse, but nonetheless being extremely intelligent and innovative. However, some technological inventions and introductions aren’t very clever and go down in the history books as disasters. Here are the worst tech inventions ever.

Windows 2000

It’s no secret that Windows computer technologies are amongst the most popular and innovative developments of our age. From Windows 98 to Windows XP and Windows 7, each Windows generation has been – at least generally – impressive. That is with the exception of Windows 2.0 however. Riddled with errors giving users problems installing it, running it and using it with other software and hardware, it was undoubtedly the worst Windows edition ever and a terrible operating system.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has somewhat of a reputation of lacking security, especially in comparison to rival browsers such as Firefox and even Chrome. There is never any smoke without fire and if ever one needed a demonstration of Internet Explorer’s history of insecurity, they’d need to look no further than their infamous 6th edition. Fame can be for right or wrong reasons and sometimes even both. Internet Explorer 6 however will go down in the history books for all the wrong reasons. It might possibly be the least secure internet browser of all time, with the U.S. Computer Readiness Team (CERT) in 2004 even going as far as urging PC users to use any other browser. Visiting the wrong website would leave much of your personal information in the hands of hackers, and pop-ups popped up too much of the time.


Tech geeks with a very good memory will look back on a rather cringe tech introduction all the way back in 1984. Developed by IBM, in an attempt to build an inexpensive computer for schools and homes, the IBM PCjr was a disaster. The offspring of the more successful IBM PC, the PCjr had an awful keyboard and terrible software compatibility.

Nintendo Virtual Boy

Let us now move to 1995 and a games console that most people have probably forgotten about. Remember Nintendo Virtual Boy anyone? This ridiculous attempt at portable 3D gaming never took off and it isn’t hard to work out why. Extremely bulky plastic goggles that were too heavy to wear without an awkward tabletop tripod, an awful design and monochrome red and black screens (at a time in which competitors SEGA and Atari both boasted full colour portables) are just a few of the many reasons why most people didn’t choose to buy a Nintendo Virtual Boy.

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