Ultimate review for MK802 iii 8GB Running Android 4.1

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Welcome to the tiny computer we know as the MK802 iii. This device is really no bigger than a packet of chewing gum! It brings a super fast processor alongside the Android software it runs with. This dongle type product plugs into the TV via HDMI cable and enables you to run Android TV and download apps depending on the memory size you purchase.

So what’s great about this product?

-       It’s got a super speedy processor, which means you don’t have to wait around and you have pretty much instant access to all the features it connects to.

-       Price: Depending on the memory size the MK802 iii ranges from around £50 – £100, which is very reasonable for this kind of technology in comparison to some of the other TV dongles we see nowadays.

-       Its tiny size makes it efficient and easy on the eye – a great added touch!

-       It has the option of Bluetooth, keeping you connected!

-       It’s got great support for software applications so you can switch off your computer without having to disconnect the device, which can come in rather handy.

The MK802 iii amid much competition is one of the greatest selling devices of its kind. It’s one of the newest released TV dongles on the market at the moment as a follow on from the MK802 ii and is definitely worth a go if you’re interested in this kind of technology.

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