What is a Digital TV Box

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The cheapest and most convenient way to watch a wide variety of television channels for many Brits, digital TV boxes are a treat for tech consumers. Also known as DTVs, these handy technological devices enable the viewing of digital TV channels on analog televisions, as well as performing a variety of other functions. Here is all you need to know on digital TV boxes.

The Perks of Digital TV Boxes

Digital TV boxes offer a range of benefits. The most obvious one is the ability to view many digital channels on an analog television set. In addition to this however, are interactive services, better picture and sound quality and other improvements to our television experience. Here are some of the other lesser known bonuses with digital TV boxes.

HD Quality

A number of digital TV boxes offer high-definition programme viewing. HD is the highest screen resolution available and DTV boxes such as the Freeview HD deliver this to homes throughout the country, subscription free. The increase in display and visual resolution in comparison to non-HD television screens is obvious, with the former offering sharp and stunning detail.

Recording Capabilities

DTV boxes such as the Humax Foxsat HDR 500GB Freesat HD Digital TV Recorder and Freeview+ give users the opportunity to record large quantities of programmes. Viewers thus need not miss a minute of their favourite show, and can also pause and rewind while watching television.

The Humax Foxsat HDR 500GB Freesat HD Digital TV Recorder in fact allows up to 120 hours of HD programming and 300 hours of standard definition shows.

Interactive Services

The ability to enjoy interactive services is another perk with digital TV boxes. A variety of boxes feature BBC iPlayer for example, which furthers the amount of viewing material available to users of course.

Furthermore, interactive text based services are available via many DTV boxes, as are a variety of interactive games.

Subscription Free

Many DTV boxes are also subscription free, which is obviously a massive bonus for consumers tired of paying hefty monthly fees for their television channels.

Freeview is the most popular of the free DTV boxes in the United Kingdom.

More Channels

And of course, viewers can enjoy much more channels through DTV boxes, than via analog means. Freeview for example, offer over 50 television channels and 24 radio stations. The Humax Foxset HDR 500GB Freesat HD Digital TV Recorder on the other hand, while relying on a satellite dish, offers over 150 channels.

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