What We Can Expect From the iPhone 5S

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With the iPhone 5S due for release this August, tech geeks throughout the world are undoubtedly eagerly awaiting its arrival. Apple’s follow up to the iPhone 5 is expected to boast a range of new and innovative features, with rumours regarding such features rife. As always with rumours, some will prove to be false, while some will be true. Based on rumours and common sense, here is what we can expect from the iPhone 5S.

Better Camera

Anyone who knows anything about technology will tell you that the iPhone 5 boasts one of the best cameras available on the market today. However, with rival phones such as Huawei’s Ascend P2 and Sony’s Xperia Z placing great emphasis on their cameras – which both stand at 13-megapixels – Apple will feel compelled to make a statement with the iPhone 5S’s camera.

More Powerful Processor

What is a new phone, without a better processor than its predecessor? In order for the iPhone 5S to impress, it must be packed with an even better processor than the iPhone 5. This is not the say that the iPhone 5’s processor was disappointing, far from it. The A6 chip of the iPhone 5 is in fact brilliantly speedy and an upgrade of the also impressive and super speedy A5 chip of the iPhone 4S.

However, based on the trend of evolution, each generation of iPhone should come with an even more powerful processor; tech geeks would be disappointed otherwise.

Variety of Colours

One way of measuring the validity of a rumour is by its persistence. In other words, a rumour only heard once or twice is more likely to be false, than that heard often and in several different circles.

One of the most persistent iPhone 5S rumours is that the smartphone will arrive in several different colours, including gold. There is no smoke without fire, and the source of the rumour was a set of leaked photos believed to be iPhone 5S internal components in an array of different colours.

More leaked photos have since followed suggesting the same thing.

Retina + Sharp IGZO Display & 3D Camera

Another likely rumour is that the new iPhone 5S will feature a Full HD resolution Retina + Sharp IGZO display. This should be able to support 3D cameras for Skype calling or FaceTime.

On that note, it must be mentioned that a 3D camera is also expected to come with the iPhone 5S.


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